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"I've been working with Laurel for about a year. My goal was to improve my spoken English for making professional presentations. English is my third language. We work online, doing a range of exercises and projects from phrase lists to reading poetry. Laurel helps me to identify learning goals specific to me and to each task, such as working on individual sounds that give me trouble and stressing key terms in a conference presentation.

Laurel is always supportive, friendly, and warm during lessons, which helps me to stop worrying about my shortcomings and focus on improvement. We laugh a lot; while reaching the learning goals, each lesson also feels joyful, like a little party. I've noticed a marked improvement in the clarity of my presentations."

Maria D., Cary, NC

"Laurel Archer is a fabulous tutor. She knows how to connect with teens and how to teach them skills in ways they will actually remember. She's super kind and has a great laugh. It was so much less painful going to class because she was my tutor and it was actually enjoyable. I was a bit of a challenge to tutor but she was very patient and understanding of my struggles and learning disability."

Shelby D., Cary, NC

​​​​​​Laurel E. Archer, M.Ed.

Title: Professional Educator
Company: Cary Tutor
Location:  Raleigh, NC United States

An expert on English as a Second Language (ESL), Laurel Archer founded Cary Tutor, a tutoring, test prep and ESL center for children and adults in North Carolina. In addition to serving as the owner, she is responsible for working with students of all ages and professionals from all over the world, including Russia, Africa, India, China and Martinique.

Ms. Archer is fluent in English and French, and has completed advanced ESL classes in order to prepare her for her career. In addition to ESL and French tutoring, Cary Tutor offers a variety of educational services, including elementary reading and math, middle school and high school literature and writing, and SAT/ACT prep. Ever committed to her students’ education and development, Ms. Archer also has hosted “meet-ups” for former students and non-students, where they can practice ESL conversation and social skills.

She is proud of the work she has done to help students of all ages better their study and language skills. Additionally, Ms. Archer is inspired by the work her professional students do in order to better their English language and pronunciation skills. Every time one of her students succeeds, she feels it as her own personal success as well.

Posted on July 26, 2016 by Top Female Executives

Recent Testimonials -

​12/18 - "I took her class twice a week for two month. I learned mach about pronunciation from her. This was one of the hardest things when I communicate with people, but I feel I get better. Also she helped anything what I requested. I had been with her only two month, but finally I got confidence to talk English than before. She is very charming and kind! I enjoyed her lesson very much!"

Kyoko H. from Japan

 4/17 - "I'm so thankful you were a part of my journey in the USA. I can't say enough good things about you. I've been fortunate enough to meet you and to have you as my ESL teacher. 

You're an amazing teacher with the kindest heart! You have a very unique way of teaching, that motivates and engages the students. You inspire learners to embrace the English language. I know your enthusiasm and the love you show for your ESL students. This is the big part of why I like your lessons so much!

The foundation you have provided through your gentle guidance and unwavering support gives me the faith that I'll continue to grow and meet the challenges of my future. You've been a huge encouragement to me, helping me to build confidence in myself."

From a letter given to me the last day of our 50 hour session -

Tarcila F, Cary, NC

"Laurel is a capable and experienced tutor. She is especially skilled in teaching children for whom English is a second language, or who may be having difficulty coming from a home where English is not spoken well. She is patient and has a great variety of materials that she draws upon depending on the student's need."

Greg Tarsa - College Nannies and Tutors, Cary, NC

Sept 18, 2018 - Laurel Archer -

Cary Chamber Ambassador of the Year! 


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