​​​Do you believe you have the ability - and right - to do anything you set your mind to? Do you believe in your God-given potential to make your life the absolute BEST it can be?

Have you have been dreaming of being your own boss? Are you tired of settling for "second best" in the corporate world and wishing there was a way you could become your OWN CEO? 

As of Dec 2018, I am part of a compilation book with a team of amazing CEOs in this book you see here - The CEO's Playbook 1.0. 

All of the authors are entrepreneurs that have contributed their own expertise to each step along the way of their journey to becoming their own "CEO". Each chapter builds on the next, and it is a comprehensive look at what it takes to make that step of becoming your own boss, without all the pitfalls that often come when you don't have a plan mapped out for you!

Do yourself a favor and find out what this book has to offer you!

 My chapter is Chapter 14 - Building Meaningful Relationships - all about networking and how you can use this to build your "empire" locally - and how to do it RIGHT!  I believe that networking is the best way to cultivate relationships that can lead to recurring clients and referral partners.

This book is more than just a book - it's a WORKBOOK too - it's a way for you to plan out how you will wrap your head around the concept of starting your own business, the nuts and bolts of how to do it, and the ways to promote it once you have achieved that first big step of creating it! Each chapter has a workbook format - immediate steps to take to achieve each part that is integral to your business success. So you will keep this book and work through it to see your OWN success!

It's $30.00 retail - but right now - until March 31st - it's $30 for TWO softback books - one for you and one for a gift! OR $20 for the hardback version... just so you can get started even easier in your journey to success!

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